Staffing Solutions

Anesthesia Service Staffing Solutions

Any successful surgical program needs a reliable, high quality anesthesia service. However, achieving high quality anesthesia care at a competitive price is a daunting task. The financial realities have placed many anesthesia groups and departments at risk. Once positive relationships with hospital leadership may grow strained and tenuous. The paradigm has shifted. Anesthesia groups and hospital systems are increasingly looking for cost-alternative solutions to their problems.

The clinical and management team of Total Anesthesia Solutions, LLC (TAS) has extensive practical experience dealing with these issues. TAS provides confidential third party solutions and will work hard to secure a fair and equitable resolution for all vested parties.

  • Objective third-party analysis of options/alternatives and mediation of strategic planning.
  • Development of an ideal, best practice staffing and/or compensation model

    This includes analysis of operating room efficiency and a fair market value assessment of the service.
  • Identifying, analyzing and improving sensitive areas of operations with focus on accountability to achieve quality results
  • Mission Support (Negotiation, Analysis and/or Development of Stipend or Subsidy Arrangement)

    This includes analysis of productivity, O.R. and staff utilization, call obligation, billing operation performance, payor mix and contracts, compensation, and benefits.
  • Group Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Transition to Hospital or Surgery Center Employment
  • CRNA employment and utilization strategies
  • Development and Implementation of Request for Proposal (RFP) process for the anesthesia service.
  • Securing of emergent staffing needs