Clinical Processes

Clinical Operations Audits

Reliable, high quality anesthesia service is not easy to maintain in today’s market. Factors contributing to a successful anesthesia service are numerous and if any one of these factors is not performing optimally, anesthesia care will suffer.

A detailed operational audit requires a serious commitment from both the anesthesia team and hospital management.  Results for both will be optimized when both parties work as a fully integrated team with clear and common goals – the shared goals of efficient, low cost, high quality patient care, and 100% patient, surgeon and employee satisfaction.

At Total Anesthesia Solutions, LLC (TAS), our team provides a comprehensive analysis of peri-operative anesthesia care. Our leaders are experienced clinicians with the knowledge and skill to dissect the issues and develop the solutions.

  • Objective third-party analysis of key clinical processes and presentation to all vested parties.
  • Examination of key processes to include:
    • Adherence to Standards of Care
    • Pre-Op Assessment System
    • Scheduling Processes
    • Process Issues, including:
      • Day of surgery
      • Anesthesia techniques
      • Medical cost savings
      • Recovery care
  • CQI Program, Risk Management, Peer Review
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Development of an ideal, best practice staffing and/or compensation model

    This includes analysis of operating room efficiency and a fair market value assessment of the service.

  • Mission Support (Negotiation, Analysis and/or Development of Stipend or Subsidy Arrangement)

    This includes analysis of productivity, O.R. and staff utilization, call obligation, billing operation performance, payor mix and contracts, compensation, and benefits.